Pellets: Information and Technology

This section presents technology articles about pellets and their utilization for residential heating and generation of electricity.


Biomass pellets market in Greece

European biomass pellets market

Wood boilers for residential heating

Pellets production stages: Biomass pretreatment

Pellets production stages: Pellets production

Biomass pellets specifications and quality standards

Emissions from biomass pellets combustion in central heating systems

Biomass pellets: Environmental friendly and economic fuel

Biomass pellets as a mean of encountering climate change threats

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Biodiesel feedstocks

Biodiesel feedstocks

Biodiesel is a fuel consisting of mono-alkyl esters (mainly methyl) of long chain fatty acids derived mainly from vegetable oils or animal fats. more

Biomass definition and resources

Biomass definition and resources

Biomass resources include not only agricultural residues, energy crops or wood but also organic waste such as manure, food residues and wastewater. more

Biomass Gasification

Biomass Gasification

Biomass gasification is an endothermic thermal process during which solid biomass is converted into gaseous fuel which is called syngas more

Biogas plants - The feedstock selection is crucial

Biogas plants - The feedstock selection is crucial

The biomass feedstock selection in a biogas plant is crucial for the anaerobic digestion process. Animal manure and energy crops is the most popular feedstock in farm-scale biogas plants. more

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